Rail Transport

The China-Europe freight train has become the backbone of land transportation in international logistics due to its characteristics of short distance, fast speed, high safety, as well as its advantages of being safe, fast, green and environmentally friendly, and being less affected by the natural environment.
Road Transport

In medium- and short-distance transportation, since road transportation can realize "door-to-door" direct transportation, passengers and freight can be directly delivered to the destination without reverse transportation or transfer in the middle. Therefore, compared with other transportation methods, the passenger and freight Shorter transit time and faster delivery.
Air Transport

Air freight is fast and safe. The on-time super efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortened the delivery time, and played a great role in accelerating the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain.

Sea Transport

The most important mode of transportation in international trade. More than 2/3 of the total international trade and 90% of my country's total import and export freight are transported by sea
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